Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It was good while it lasted, it truly was!

Late night atrophies caused sleepless nights. addressing issues that were far beyond what we were tasked to do, but humbly we respected the need to accommodate. Built up on relations that make one stronger-powerful, yet to succumb to years of hardship.

On better days, we endured laughter and companionship but maintained professionalism at best. Our efforts remained visible with endearing qualities and we respected that for what it is.

Over the years it has been turbulent. The good and bad weighed itself out. Yes I recall my late nights, my stress level, my blood pressure rise to abnormalities, but I had to do what had to be done.  It was not easy, but I felt we had that connection indicating the value we both made to ensure growth and prosper. Let it be known I hold no heavy heart, but wished that the courtesy would have been acknowledged and not ignored by the deafening ears to do what is just.

Commendation goes out to the new cat that skinned my cat out to dry. The best of luck to keeping positive results for an animal that may have been overlooked as to satisfy its hunger. May you (cat) find strength to endure what is upon you and when you find this, it will be a roller-coaster ride of many twist and turns, but hang on and in the end it is rewarding, but remember we all are dispensable.

It was truly good while it lasted!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

CNMI has many things to be thankful for. The people that make a difference, the season of giving is upon us and all the while, we are in spirit of good.

Tops + More brings you our 6th issue making yet another seasonal publication hit the CNMI. from foods to stories that make our CNMI whole, we at Bison Relations express our heartfelt appreciation to our clientele as well to our advertisers who keep this publication moving forward.

We bid you all good reading!

follow the link below to see Tops + More 6th issue online!
Tops + More 6th Issue

Monday, November 26, 2012

Tops + More Savory Goodness!

One year past since we launched Tops + More Magazine and our readers eagerly wait for what’s next, what will be featured, what foods will engross my palate?

We have been fortunate to have worked with numerous individuals to build on Tops + More. Our efforts to step up, create and develop true stories that make our island a beautiful place, a haven for visitors, and an informative resource to the islands best of the best bringing forward what we may have missed along the road.

Our issues have continuously been at the forefront to providing the fine dining and resto-bar 411 on where to go on Saipan. Our approach to the islands where to go and what to eat has given Tops + More readers an impression of what’s out and about on island. While selective eateries are mentioned in our magazine, we also capitalize on the positive attributes of our island, people and businesses.

This issue brings a story on volunteerism and how it affects our community. While everyone needs to applaud the unselfish acts of people volunteering for causes beyond themselves, these efforts do not go unrecognized. Our people stand in unity when it comes to supporting greater causes.  We bid you good reading!

For online viewing, click on link: http://issuu.com/topsmagazine/docs/tops5

People Power!

And when the Mid-Term election results were released. clearly the CNMI who clamored for change got it!

The people who were elected are the ones the community feel would make the needed change. The people who had stood up and made clear that nobody, no one is above the law will face hurdles to steer the economy back into prosper and maintain a safe and orderly lifestyle hat we, the Commonwealth expect.

As this would be a part of the CNMI history, VOICE CNMI was glad to be a part of the ever-changing political environment for a better Commonwealth!

Congratulations to all who have won and to those who did not make it, god speed with you new endeavors.

Click below for online viewing:


It was a nice project to get done, although this is the 2nd issue we did what we needed to do to get people informed.

 Speaking with a variety of people and sharing views of the political climate the CNMI endured prior to the 2012 mid-term elections. 

Forces indicated that groups who wanted change and others who saw things as good as they are remained vigilant to keep things as is. What the outcome may be is divided amongst people who want a government to be responsible for its people or remain at status quo. 

The challenges faced economically has not only made living difficult, but has shown true colors of each and everyone persons motif. You cast your vote and placed people in and we shared our views as well others who voiced their opinions in the matter.

To view this online publication, click on the link below:

Sunday, September 9, 2012


This may not be the best piece written, but we assure you the opinions stated are those not of one voice, but of a variety who wish to only comment on issues and preferred to be have their names kept out of publication. However, we do have a few who were willing to state their comments and expectation on the upcoming mid-term elections this November 6, 2012.

Each story had received comments that are true to its nature. facts and opinions correlated to speak of the community's view of the living standards in the Commonwealth today. Mainly the task of the Legislators to assure the people of a decent livelihood we can rely on, and for that they are placed in office to assure the people of what we desire for the islands to progress forward and not remain status quo.

Sending this publication out via the net, we hope it reaches as many readers as possible, we hope that our incumbents vying for another term as well the hopefuls seeking a seat will take the time to read and respond based on their views and comments. Although we have seen a few platforms that stand ready to be disseminated to the general public, this is nothing new!

A platform with action makes more sense, but a platform with words of comfort has always been the case with many of our elected and hopefuls. We need champions, we need stern action on the hill, we need elected officials to hear the cries of our people and move steadily towards ensuring the Commonwealth is back on track.

Pass this along and share ideas and comments and let our elected officials and those who are running hear our VOICE CNMI!

Send in your comments or expectations on the mid-term election candidates and we will be happy to put it in our next issue come October 2012.  You may send in your comments via email at bisonrelations@gmail.com.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dr. Rita A. Sablan Gets 4 More Years!

It was not that she is only highly educated, but her wisdom, her character and her determination to insuring the CNMI children get more out of what education is/and provided in the islands gave her another 4 years as the Commissioner of Education.  Her tenure as the Commissioner of Education has brought opportunities to each child in schools on Saipan, Tinian and Rota. She gets another 4 years because she is doing an excellent job!

Dr. Sablan and the Board of Education are now doing what is necessary to secure the CNMI PSS with the needed funds to carry out another year for our children. Over 10K students rely on what the CNMI PSS provides to securing their future. From K5-12th grade, our system  requires an amount to stay afloat without hindrance from economical forces plaguing the CNMI.  Fight the greatest fight COE and BOE. Students First!

Students First as released earlier capitalizes on the graduates of 2012. With a variety of educational features, this issue marks yet another great accomplishment the COE and BOE push out each month during the school year. Informative and educational as well, Students First has become the household name for education in the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tops + More Celebrates on its next issue - 1st Anniversary!

Whew! What a productive year for the Bison Relations staff. We are now working to launch our anniversary issue this coming July 2012. Its been a great year for the publication as we have tremendous support from the businesses and community as a whole.

Several topics come to mind and I think It will be our kept secret until it is released, nevertheless, it will be another classy-upbeat local publication for the CNMI.

Going local is our way to ensuring our Commonwealth remains strong. Take that leap and trust in Tops + More for your advertising needs. It definitley worked for our advertisers in each of our publications.

Tops + More 1st Issue. made an incredible impact, at one point thought of being the Hyatt Regency Saipan magazine.

Its coverage stems positive on island foods and articles written by individuals who served in capacity of the Tops + More focus group. Their statements are their voice of how each individual has seen, tasted and acknowledged the spectacle before them.


Tops + More 2nd issue took another angle. Still complementing the CNMI's best in fine dining, this issue captilaized on island features of tourism, our youth, with a strong emphasis on education both public and the lone Northern Mariana College.

We spoke of education and technology and how the world simply became a much smaller place as well the issues of underage drinking in the Commonwealth.

Tops + More's 3rd issue was the festive publication. Twas the seasons for giving, this holiday publication made headway to seeing the island during its festive seasons. The delectables of fine dining and hospitality from Pacific Islands Club. Each business offers just more than the average - up another knotch - portraying the holiday spirit. 

Other articles compunded the look and feel of Tops with local artisans and craftmakers. Healthy foods by Mariana Resort & Spa, Staycation with Hyatt, and Golf to name a few.


Our lates issue of Tops + More, features a variety of businesses in the CNMI. New and thriving while others in decades of existence. our culinary section features Aqua Resort as the fine dining experience while Judy's cafe brings the affordable cusine to our everyday lifestyle.
At Tops + More, we will bring a great serving of positive stories and while at it, we expect to tickle your pallet with excuisite foods found here in our home, Saipan.

BISON Relations, publishing company for Tops + More strives to bring more features on the CNMI with positive features indicating that we as an island nation can overcome the morass we are facing in todays economic conditions. Keeping a positive outlook for ourselves will only make our home a better place to live in. Do your part, and keep smiling CNMI!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Going Local is the way to go!

Numerous times we hear, "oh another business closed down", sad to see the CNMI lose its footing on investors confidence. Recently, a group of investors I belive were hosted by the Saipan Chamber of Commerce was here on island to see what investment opportunities lie ahead in the Commonwealth. Now for all that is good, we need more investments for the CNMI, but lest forget the ones who are still in business and have continuosly strive to make ends meet in this ailing economy. Support them too!

The love for the islands, its people and to offer what you can do to make a difference is where we need to look at immediatley. Government calls for more budget, yet they tax the businesses more to gain that extra dollar. Where does the business get that extra dollar, from its consumers and where does the consumer get there dollar, from their employers, the cycle does not stop. when taxes are raised , businesses raise their cost for commodoties and others making this cycle a living breathing nightmare for the people, the businesses, the very livelihood the government is tasked to protect.

Going local - supporting your local entreprenuers may sound difficult as most of our local products are considered expensive, but think about it, at least the funds stay with us. Recyled, re-used and replenished each time. I say go local to make "US" work as an island nation. Become self-sustainable in hopefully just a few years from now, am I wishful thinking?

Our 4th issue of Tops + More is out and about the community, in circulation since Friday last week. I am proud of this issue. We focused on our local businesses, new and in existence for sometime now, but they all had to start somewhere - a sacrfice that thay have endured. Call it inspiration, call it determination, but its there, they did it and they continue to do it! Lets not forget that we also have the features on our fine dining experiences. Hey, we go out, we enjoy, and yet we know that we also must be frugal when it comes to our expenses, but where do you draw the line for self gratification, we all need that to stay sane.

On behalf of BISON Relations, publishing company for Tops + More, we bid you good reading!